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Mugu No.1 (Official Video) - Mr. Dee (@realmrdee) (Dir. by State Filmz)

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Ent. Gist : KozyG on "Quit Notice", weeks after last single "Takes it" (@KozyG)

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Singer, KozyG is set for a marathon single release just weeks after releasing his last single titled ‘Take It’. Speaking to news men, the Ebonyi State born singer revealed that he has not really done things the way they should be because he had to attend to some family issues last year and early this year. He then made it clear his silence does not mean he was finished but a necessary respect he had to accord his parents whom he lost late last year. “I didn’t choose the silence, but things just happened and right now, I am here to make noise just the way it should be. I had many songs that I already recorded and if nothing had happened to my parents, the songs would have been out by now. I need to push them out and then move to the next level in my career. My fans and lovers of good music deserve to get back everything I have failed to give them and that is how it will be”, he said. The new single titled ‘Quit Notice according to the singer will be released on Saturday September 10, 2016 and the singer described the song as a different direction in what he has been doing. “I once told a story with ‘One Naira’ and other songs, but this one is different. It’s an outcry to the politicians who have been misusing our funds and filling our ears with fake promises. Not that I’m in support of some vices young people get involved in, but the imbalance these politicians create with the money they loot, will also make young people want to do anything possible to get their own money. “They will snatch your girlfriend with their money, they will take your land with their money and in most cases graduates end up at home with nothing. How do you want people to survive? Let’s give then Quit Notice”, he concluded.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Ent. Gist : Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited Afrinolly (@Afrinolly)

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Ghost Mood Entertainment
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited Afrinolly, a studio which is using cutting edge technology to help make Nollywood films.

Whilst there he met some of Nigeria's top stars including comedian Basket Mouth, Kunle Afolayan, Rita Dominic and Yemi Alade.

Nigeria is home to the second largest film industry in the world, known as Nollywood, which produces more than 100 movies a month.

Zuckerberg is in Nigeria this week to see first-hand how entrepreneurs in the country are creating the next wave of mobile innovation and to learn how Facebook can better support tech development and entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

Mark was given a tour of Afrinolly by Chike Maduegbuna, who runs the production studio.

Maduegbunaa gave Zuckerberg an overview of how films are made and distributed in Nigeria, with Afrinolly’s mobile app being one of the most popular ways that Nigerians watch African music videos, films, comedy and trailers.

Maduegbunaa demonstrated how Nollywood film studios are already using cutting-edge 360-degree cameras and virtual reality to create new experiences. He also gave the Facebook CEO a guided tour of the studios where the films are made and introduced him to some of the talent in front and behind the camera.

Chike Maduegbuna, owner of Afrinolly said:

“Nollywood is struggling to grapple with the level of organization and resources required to provide Studio-based Production Infrastructures/Services. Similarly, Piracy and inadequate Cinemas have limited the Movie Distribution channels available to Nollywood.

We see two opportunities for Nollywood: first, is to embrace technology and establish viable Mobile-phone Distribution of Movies to complement the expanding Cinema chains. Second is to reconcile content production and its business model to accommodate technological changes in available audience-screens. It used to be Cinema, TV and DVDs but we now have a huge Digital audience that use Mobile phones and Portable Devices to watch movies. Nollywood must adjust to the new audience by redefining content production to include Shortfilms, Comedy Skits and Music Videos. These are areas that Afrinolly is currently focusing on.”

At the end of the tour Mark dropped in on a special content creators workshop which was being held with some of Nigeria's biggest stars, designed to help them master Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.

Stars in attendance included Basket Mouth, Kunle Afolayan, Rita Dominic, Richard Mofe-Damijo, DJCuppy, Chidinma Ekile, Yemi Alade, Stephanie Linus, Adebola Williams and more.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Ent. Gist : Phyno (@phynofino) Live in Chicago at Afrofusion Fridays - September 2nd (@djdeemoney)

Ghost Mood Entertainment
The talented Nigerian indigenous rapper, PHYNO will be performing LIVE at the Midwest U.S.A Edition of his U.S.A Tour Friday, September 2nd, 2016.

Venue: Rio Chicago - 2200 N. Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL.


The party continues with your favorite international DJs - DJ Dee Money, 3K, Bonsu

If you are in Chicago or the surrounding cities, you definitely want to make sure that you are there; it will be an epic one!!!

Discount tickets are available at www.phynoinchicago.eventbrite.com


Promotional Mix by DJ Dee Money


Thursday, 25 August 2016

Ent. Gist : Mayorkun Unveils Second Official Single – Yàwá / Pre-Order On iTunes Now (@IamMayorKun)

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Mayorkun hit the limelight in April 2016, when he released his debut single – ELEKO under Davido Music Worldwide. ‘ELEKO’ rose to become one of the biggest hit songs out of West Africa in 2016, topping all digital/radio/TV charts in no time, It also made its debut on the BBC 1Xtra afropop Top5 chart curated by DJ Edu. This solidified Mayorkun’s spot as Nigeria’s most sought-after rookie. Here’s an exciting video you would love to see; A build up towards his second official single titled ‘Yàwá (meaning ‘separate us’ in Yoruba language) Yàwá was produced by Fresh, Mixed & Mastered By Suka, Art designed by Duks.

Yàwá is available for Pre-Order on iTunes
Pre-Order Now

Ent. Gist : Floxy pins eCelebrity Awards victory to Beyoncé inspiration (@iamfloxyflora)

Ghost Mood Entertainment
After bagging her first music award at the 2016 edition of eCelebrity Awards, Nigerian born singer, Chinwendu Florence Izuchukwu popularly known as Floxy has revealed that she owes it all to the inspirations from iconic singer, Beyoncé Knowles.

Having bagged two nominations at the 2016 edition of eCelebrity Awards, she went ahead to win one with her song, ‘Sweet Dreams’, which happened to be an acoustic cover of the same title by Beyoncé. Floxy was nominated individually in the Vocal Artiste of the Year category with ‘Sweet Dreams’ and in the Best Collaboration of the Year Category, alongside rapper Romy who featured her on the track ‘Never Walk Away’.

Floxy who was absent at the Award Ceremony because of an ongoing examination in her school, had her manager Chinedu Hardy Nwadike receive the award on her behalf. However, her absence did not stop her from making a comment on the social media when she heard she had won in that category as she wrote; “And it finally came. Vocal Artiste of the Year at eCeleb Awards tonight. Thanks you Jesus for the voice. Thank you everyone who voted for me. I am grateful for this.”

In a chat after, she revealed that United States of America based singer, Beyoncé has been a huge role model to her, adding that she had always wanted sing and dance batter than the iconic singer.

“She (Beyoncé) will always be an icon like Michael Jackson and if I hadn’t loved the song so much, I wouldn’t have done a cover of it.  I didn’t do it because I wanted to be another Beyoncé, I did it because I always feel like there is another angle to everything and I’m never afraid of that new angle. One thing for sure, if she hadn’t done her version, who knows, maybe I wouldn’t have won this award, so I owe this to her inspirations”, she said.

She then joined in the official statement issued out by her management to thank the organizers of the awards, especially the CEO of the brand, Stanley Akalonu aka Esure, everyone who voted for her and music producer, Somik who produced the song.

“I give it to Somik, he has always been awesome in production, but I love this one so much. The award is dusted and we have to face the next thing which will be a single or video” she concluded.

Floxy’s last single was released in mid-2015 and she would be hoping to bounce back from the sad events of losing both parents within a space of two months, to show her fans that she can only get better in music.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Ent. Gist : Mr Frosh's Concert season 2 (@ayaya_media)

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Keedan Hotel presents Experience "Mr Frosh's Concert season 2" that will be going down in the city of Owerri on Sunday 21st of August 2016 by 6pm till mama calls.
Music Performance by: Demi E, Dandizzy, Kc Flex, Kizzy Young Face, Achara, Mr Snobz, Fair Child, Pizzo, Dc Ocean, Mc Ogene, Samklasik, Young Boss, G Star, Mr Lad, J Skizzy, White G, De Bn and many more.
DJs on the wheels of steel are: Dj Fresh and Dj Skilla and many more
Comedian: Judoski D Comedian, Mark And Matthew
Dancers: Crazy Fire Dancer
Date: 21st August 2016
Time: Red Carpet: 4pm - 6pm, Party: 6pm - dawn
Gate Pass: Free
VENUE: Keedan Hotel, Nkwo Orji Market Junction, No 37 Keedan Road Orji Owerri, Imo State.
For More Info call: 081348288, 07069172288

This event is powered by Ayaya Media

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Ent. Gist : Sleep with sponsor? No way! Queen Vivian Nnebedum speaks on life after MBMI

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Ghost Mood Entertainment
Ghost Mood Entertainment
Life of a model often gets complicated especially after winning a crown and it is not different with Onuimo Local Government Area of Imo State born Beauty Queen, Vivian Nnebedum, winner of Most Beautiful Model in Imo 2016. The Accountant cum model spoke to Chinedu Hardy Nwadike on how it has been with her since she won the crown, her relationship and plans in time to come.


How the crown changed your life
It has made me more confident because along the line a lot of people discouraged me. They told me things like ‘modelling is not for you and you can’t really attain that height’. Being able to win this pageant has actually made me understand that I can achieve anything I set my mind on. It has made me more confident and determined.

Why did they discourage you?
Lots of people have wrong perception of modelling. They feel it’s a waste of time and that I can’t really achieve anything here. I was discouraged by friends and family, but I thank God for where I am today.

How did they accept the victory?
They were all surprised and they’ve been congratulating me. As a matter of fact, some of them want to move into modelling because of my victory. Lots of them have called me to introduce them to agencies which I have done. It is really a great thing to see that my achievement is inspiring my friends and family members.

How far do you want to go from here?
I’m taking a break and not thinking of going for another competition. I want to go into fashion and designing.

Any area of specialty?
I am specializing mostly in dinner gowns. I am still training but looking forward to exhibiting at Abuja Fashion Show which is coming up in September.
I am very focused on that at the moment, and even when finance would be a significant challenge, I don’t think I will be giving up on that dream.

What will humanity gain before your crown expires?
I’ve already done a little project on 1st May; it was about Beggars Day and I gave them food and clothing, I’m thinking of going further by organizing a big pet-project that will benefit school children in Imo State, especially in my Local Government, Onuimo.

What is the project about?
It is an educational project and I won’t be going into details at the moment. It is something that will give students the opportunity to participate in an event that is similar to what they watch on TV and also lift their confidence, by boosting their self-belief.

How did you feel when you won the crown and a car?
I felt very very good and it has been a dream since I was fifteen. I have always wanted to be a Beauty Queen, winning a car and having my picture on the car. It’s actually a big deal to me and I hope to win more of it.

Did winning the crown and a car change the way you relate with your friends?
I am a very free person with my friends especially and I still mingle freely with them. I am a humble person, so the crown and the car did not change anything. They are still free with me and we still mingle like before.

 Can being free, humble and Beauty Queen go together?
A Beauty Queen has to be humble. You don’t have to rude or saucy to people. It doesn’t portray royalty and the characters expected of a Beauty Queen.

 Does your crown attract more men to you?
It surely does, but I don’t give them that space because I know what they want.

 Is your man jealous of it?
I don’t really want to go into my personal life here, but any man with me must surely understand that this is who I am. Men will come and he must trust me, knowing too well that I will never cheat on him for any reason.

Sleeping with a sponsor
No way! This is something I will never think of. It might be very cool for some models but it is not my thing. I want people to support or sponsor my projects because they believe in it and not because they have slept with me. If I start it, how many sponsors will I sleep with to succeed?

Your last photo-shoot was more spiritual than artistic
There is nothing attached to it, it was all about fashion. I love serious photo-shoots. My manager was initially against it, but I made him understand that I am not just a Beauty Queen, but the queen of models in Imo State which means I would have to be a pacesetter in artistry.

Can someone still join the ‘corrupt modelling industry’?
The system is somehow corrupt but that’s what you get everywhere. You will always have the good, bad and ugly people in every sector, the person has to take a simple decision on his or her morals. You have to know how long you can go and what you cannot do. Some people are confused and usually fall into the wrong hands. Before coming into the system, you need to set your goals, learn and work towards it with utmost determination.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Ent. Gist : “God Over Everything” Album OUT NOW!!! #GOETheAlbum - Patoranking (@patorankingfire)

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Ghost Mood Entertainment
Nigeria’s very own International Dancehall sensation, Patoranking releases his highly anticipated debut album God Over Everything album today. The album features Wizkid, Elephant Man, Olamide, Phyno, Sarkodie and more. #GOETheAlbum which is currently exclusively available on iTunes #1 in Nigeria, #6 in Barbados, #13 in South Africa, #25 in Sweden, #40 in USA iTunes Stores  respectively and growing in all other regions across the globe. Make sure you BUY your copy of #GOETheAlbum right now


1. Patoranking
2. G.O.E
3. Cheating Zone
4. Money ft. Phyno
5. Killing Me
6. This Kind Luv ft. Wizkid
7. Writing on the Wall
8. Forever
9. No Kissing Baby ft. Sarkodie
10. Mama Aboyo ft. Olamide
11. Stammerer
12. Love Town
13. Hale Hale
14. Beautiful
15. Daniella Whine ft. Elephant Man & Konshens
16. Ayinde ft. Kwam 1

Ent. Gist: Onerace Radio Launches Online Broadcasting New Radio Website With Mobile Apps. (@oneraceradio)

Ghost Mood Entertainment
OneRace Radio is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new website at (www.oneraceradio.net), an internet radio station website dedicated to streaming, Entertainment News, music, daily blog update of the site and reaching out to all music business owner and lovers of both local and international entertainment.

About OneRace Radio Station

OneRace Radio - www.oneraceradio.net is an internet-based radio station based in Nigeria, devoted to providing a professional quality radio service for local and the international community at home and other parts of the world. OneRace Radio is your number one daily companion music station, information and urban entertainment radio station targeted at an informed audience in the 15-40
age group and generally to those who are young at heart.

OneRace Radio - www.oneraceradio.net comes with mobile Apps and a new phase of internet radio station broadcasting, enlightening, entertaining value, with the best of quality radio programming and 100% African music around the world and also in mobile Applications for you on the go as you converse, stroll, eat and nap, be it at breakfast, at office, at lunch, at teatime, in traffic jam, at
dinner or just relaxing, transmitting from Nigeria to other parts of the world without geographical barricade with 24-hours uninterrupted live streaming of internet radio station anytime, anywhere with quality Music, Music Mix, Gospel, Blues, Classical Music, Country Music, Electronic Music,
Afro Beat, Afro Pop, Hip Hop/Rap, Inspirational, Jazz, Reggae, R&B/Soul and many more. All these elements are rolled into our hot and exciting breakfast, afternoon, evening and mid night shows.

OneRace Radio - www.oneraceradio.net is on the internet wherever you are in the world via online streaming and our listeners can interact using our social media platform Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, Skype and Our Radio Mobile App in Android and iOS. There by making the world truly pleasurable and a global village.

OneRace Radio - www.oneraceradio.net mobile Apps is a free mobile radio application in Android and iOS formats that gives the listeners the listening experience of a life time with uninterrupted quality music, entertainment, education and information transmitting from Nigeria to other parts of the world without geographical barricade.

OneRace Radio - www.oneraceradio.net aims to satisfy listener's desires through quality radio programming in the entertainment arena. Always stay tuned with OneRace Radio - One With The

For more information about OneRace Radio please visit Our Website:

Telephone No: +234 8134495983 or 08134495983.
Twitter: @oneraceradio
Instagram: @oneraceradio
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/oneraceradio

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Ent. Gist : 8 Songs That Prove Afro-Pop Star “1DA” (@1DAsound) is Awesome!!!‏

Ghost Mood Entertainment
1DA has gradually been climbing up the ladder with every song released. As you listen to each single you will notice his talent; but when you listen to several of his songs together then you suddenly realize ''1DA is an awesome artist''. We compiled a 8 track playlist of his singles, covers and some songs from his 2014 mixtape ''if na my beat'' (INMB). So much good music. We are expecting more amazing music from this exciting act and a greater Push from his label SquareBall Entertainment.

Download Position - 1DA
Download Joy - 1DA
Download Lover daily (Remix) - 1DA ft Skales, Solid Star
Download Activate - 1DA
Download Work (cover) - 1DA
Download Hello - 1DA
Download Brotherman - 1DA
Download Haley - 1DA


Ent. Gist : Patoranking #GOE Album Tracklist Revealed (@patorankingfire)

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Ghost Mood Entertainment
 African Dancehall superstar from Nigeria, Patoranking will finally release his highly anticipated debut album, God Over Everything #GOE on August 1 2016.  See the full tracklist below and anticipate a solid body of work from Patoranking on August 1.

Album Tracklist
1. Patoranking
2. G.O.E
3. Cheating Zone
4. Money ft. Phyno
5. Killing Me
6. This Kind Luv ft. Wizkid
7. Writing on the Wall
8. Forever
9. No Kissing Baby ft. Sarkodie
10. Mama Aboyo ft. Olamide
11. Stammerer
12. Love Town
13. Hale Hale
14. Beautiful
15. Daniella Whine ft. Elephant Man & Konshens
16. Ayinde ft. Kwam 1

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Ent. Gist : "I Auditioned for Six Competitions Before Project Fame" - Tolu

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Ghost Mood Entertainment
Tolulope Abraham Adesina, with stage name TOLU is a Singer, Songwriter & Music Producer, Originally from Ogbomoso, Oyo State. Tolu was Born & Bred in Kaduna State. He started as a Chorister in the Children's Choir at 11, His Unique Vocals Stood Him Apart.

Tolu had Auditioned for BET Sunday Best, Set The Stage, Nokia First Chance, West African Idols, One MIC & Star Hunt, Six Different Competitions Prior to Project Fame West Africa, all in an attempt to take his talent beyond Kaduna.

From one unsuccessful attempt to another, TOLU's passion and drive never wavered as he refused to take no for an answer. Tolu eventually Auditioned for Project Fame and was thereby selected to represent Kaduna for the Finale in Lagos State. In 2010 Tolu appeared on the entertainment radar when he made it to the project fame finals as one of the six winners in Season 3, his musical journey thus began.

After Project Fame, Tolu decided to take the ball to Lagos and see where his talent would take him, this was a harsh low point for Tolu as he faced the industry, the elements of living with only friends to lean on, the constant trekking to radio stations and interviews and shows to be heard, these challenges never discouraged him from his goal.

In 2014, Tolu put His pen to Paper, signing a Record deal with Alyhills Records and had the Privilege to associate with Donjazzy and the Mavin crew. This happened when Tolu met with Producer and long time friend, Babyfreshmavin, and Mr. Shawn (Alyhills Records's CEO). Babyfreshmavin and Donjazzy convinced Mr Shawn to start Alyhills Records with Its first artist as Tolu. Tolu's debut single 'My Lover' produced by Donjazzy was an instant favourite. Tolu jumped at another privilege to feature Donjazzy on his most recent single 'Ifemi'.

Tolu has recently dropped a body of work an EP to further showcase his worth and Versatility as an Artiste. The EP (Extended Play) is titled '3SUM' and It consists of 3 tracks of different compositions. With tracks Like 'Champion' featuring indigenous Rap Artiste, Cdq, 'Pretty Mama' and NewTinz.

Tolu continues to push, and this time, harder than He ever did. In His Words;
"I have a lot to prove and I intend to do so, God helping Me......"

Connect with Tolu on Instagram and Twitter @iamthatolu

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Ent. Gist : Jay Pizzle says he's isn't an upcoming Producer‏ (@jaypizzlebeat)

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Jay Pizzle say's he is not an upcoming but an up-running in the music making, he has produced popular records which has propel him to massive popularity. Jay Pizzle added a new sound to the industry in 2013 when he produced Terry G hit single Run-mad and that was not just all with Pizzle , in 2014 he added a mixture of sound to the industry Afro-Pop with fusion of House Music to make up his sound which he calls Afro-House. “He is know for producing Skales monster hit single Shake Body, Patoranking single Make Am, Slyde hit single Banana and more" Jay Pizzle has worked with the likes of Naeto C and more and he is part of the Skales album project "Man Of The Year", Naeto C album project "Festival" and more.. Most people say's Skales "‘Shake Body' is Jay Pizzle greatest achievement so far” As we have seen above, he has been part of so many successful songs and albums, Jay Pizzle Says we should expect more from him this year...

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Ent. Gist : Mister Face of the World Pageant holds December

Ghost Mood Entertainment
According to Face of the World Organization, the 2016 edition of the Mister Face of the World (MIFOW) Pageant will be taking place in Sodia Bulgaria from December 7 to 14, 2016. The event will be kicking off just after the Miss Face of the World, which is expected to host beauty queens from across the world in the same city from December 1, 2016.

Mister Face of the World has been described as an international male pageant brand that is a quest for real man in a global campaign on education for all children in the developing nations. It will be revealing the total definition of a real man, which include intelligence, smartness, politeness, and kindness, while grooming men of integrity who will be calm, calculative, decent and also be dedicated to the promotion education for all children.

“MIFOW is a selection of men of honour and nations ambassadors who are groomed to rule, positive future leaders; countries decent role models and gentlemen of high repute.

In this competition, country delegates are drawn from face of nations, that is mister face of each country. It’s a total image and personality of nations” a post on the official website, www.misterfaceofworld.com reads.

The president of Face of the Organization, Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George described Sofia as a city which holds lots of history for the fashion world, adding that the glory of the city would be adding lots of flavor and class to the event.

With over sixty faces of national queens expected at the other side on the female version of the event, the same is expected of the males as the organizers work towards making a huge mark in the fashion/pageantry industry with the event.

Face of the World Organization, the owners of both Mister and Miss Face of the Word is using the events to support Global Family Fund on Education. It was started by a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George, who is also in charge of the United Fashion Week and Awards which will be taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by October, 2016.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Ent. Gist: Runtown Responds to Ericmany, Claims Unpaid Royalties and Death Threats

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Runtown responds to Ericmany, the record label that he is currently signed to, with letters from him and his attorneys claiming that he has never been paid royalties from digital records sales by Ericmany. According to the attached letters below, Ericmany boss Okwudili Umenyiora has also been alleged to threaten Runtown’s life on several occasions.

Read the letters below:

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Ghost Mood Entertainment
Ghost Mood Entertainment

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Ent. Gist : Lil Kesh Live In Dubai | Friday May 20th 2016 | #LilKeshLiveInDubai

Ghost Mood Entertainment
King Taste Africa & Typical Naija presents one of Africa’s finest rapper Mr Yagi- Lil Kesh (Shoki) Live in Dubai. The Concert is set to be held on Friday 20th of May 2016 at Spree The Club, Royal Ascot Hotel, Bur Dubai. The concert is expected to draw a lot of UAE-DUBAI based Nigerian music lovers who will be out to see the Shoki Crooner perform Live on stage, An exclusive All White Yacht Cruise has also been set to hold on the 19th of May 2016 Followed by the Main Event.


Date: Friday 20th MAY 2016
Venue: Spree The Club, Royal Ascot Hotel, Bur Dubai, Dubai
Tickets: AED 120
For info and Inquires: 0525495924 - @KingTasteAfrica @LanreTypical @TypicalNaija


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Ent. Gist : Kiss Daniel Unveils Debut Album Art “New Era” (@iam_kissdaniel)

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Kiss Daniel announces the release of his debut album titled “New Era” scheduled to be released in May 2016. The artiste who has been behind such successful hits songs such as “Woju” “Laye and more recently “Good Time” announced this via his Instagram page earlier today. Referring to his fans, Kiss Daniel said “You gave me the inspiration needed to prepare this “love potion”. He went to announce that that the official single off the new album would be dropping soon. “It was difficult picking from the over 150 songs I have recorded over the time I have been signed to G-WORLDWIDE Entertainment, but I assure you that what you will hear on this new album is the very best of the lot” Kiss Daniel’s latest single “Good Time” has continued to get major airplay both on TV and Radio, and music industry stakeholders have continued to affirm that his upcoming album is one that will transcend African shores and make a name for him as a truly global brand out of Nigeria.

I want to appreciate my FANS for this... You gave me the inspiration needed to prepare this 'love potion'  ALBUM :...
Posted by Kiss Daniel on Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday, 29 February 2016

Ent. Gist : The Abaga Brothers – M.I & Jesse Jagz Cover 12TH Issue Of Tush Magazine‏

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Ghost Mood Entertainment
 After exclusively releasing the digital version yesterday during its session at the ongoing Social Media Week, Tush Magazine – Nigeria’s leading digital + print magazine is officially out with its Issue 12 featuring two great brothers – M.I (Jude Abaga) and Jesse Jagz (Jesse Abaga) as its cover page personalities. This edition which is business themed with focus on the achievements M.I Abaga has made and the forthcoming ones as new CEO, Jesse on the other hand made a great business decision in returning to Chocolate City after an unceremonious exit. The interesting interview also has some revealing details coming from both brothers which is a must read. Other personalities featured includes the business King of Lagos Party – Matthew Ohio, beautiful and talented songstress Niniola who happens to be this edition’s new crush, popular Lagos creative artist – Mode who has a bunch of amazing works worth seeing. Other worthy mentions include Denola Grey, Sensei Uche and Folu Storms. Super packed with exciting, educating and interesting articles on business, lifestyle, romance, life hack and technology, this issue is much more than just any Issue. 

Get The Digital Magazine Free Here

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Ent. Gist : Ruggedman, Charass, Floxy to perform as Deejay Saquo Star Nite Returns (@StarNiteNG)

Ghost Mood Entertainment
Deejay Saquo Star Night which was one time the most popular entertainment event in South East Nigeria, has made the first step of its return with Deejay Saquo and Friends Concert with top artistes like Ruggedman, Charass, XBusta, LMG, Floxy and others to grace it. Deejay Saquo and Friends Concert which is the first of its kind is being packaged by Deejay Saquo Star Night and is most likely to take the same form of the former event which was taking place then at Valencia Lounge. The new event has shifted to Ideal Suite Hotels and Resorts, World Bank, Owerri, Imo State, just a stone throw from the same venue and this could be seen as the making of another legendary event. With the first edition Deejay Saquo and Friends Concert taking place on Friday, November 27, 2015, the quality of artistes listed for it can only match with the ‘Best of the Best’ edition of Star Nite which thrilled everyone more than ever. Ruggedman, Ycee, Slyde, Charass, LMG, Floxy, Collenchy, XBusta, Reflex, F2, Treasure Gold, Popito and Leeroy have all been listed for the event which is expected to rejuvenate the experience of a perfect performance event in Owerri, Imo State. Lafin Gas, Mc Chuks, Mc Tboy and legendary Dauda are all on the comedian’s list, while on the list of dancers are Queency, Master Piece and Sample. On the Wheels of Steel are DJ Chibinho and Terry C, while Zanders FM’s Princessa will be making a sensational comeback as the host alongside Super Hype Mc X. As usual, the event will be kicking off Red Carpet and the Hot 99.5 FM’s Pixy P has been billed to host it. Ideal Suite Hotels and Resorts, World Bank, Owerri, Imo State on Friday, November 27, 2015 will witness Deejay Saquo and Friends Concert kick off by 7:00PM with Red Carpet, while the main event takes over after with no gate fee attached to the event. It is expected that everyone will be there to watch the making of another direction of history.

Real Source : www.otowngist.com

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Ent. Gist : Most Beautiful Model in Imo forms go on sale, auditionfixed for Feb, 2016

Ghost Mood Entertainment
The organizers of Most Beautiful Model in Imo, DKC Models in a chat with the press revealed that registration for the pageant hascommenced ahead of an audition fixed for February 2016.

The CEO, Mr. Kenneth Dimgba, said they have been working hard to tie up some crucial partnership deals that will enable them have a successful outing next year and since they are done with most of it, the next thing is for the models to start picking registering.

Mr. Dimgba said that the pageant which will be one of its kind, with a fashion versus runway contest where both models and designers will be working hard to win.

“It is going to be a unique one in the sense that it will be less expensive for contestants because they will be assigned to different designers who will provide all their costumes for free. The models and designer fight to win at the same time, which makes it a serious business all the way.

The winner is automatically thequeen of Imo State models and with the aim of the pageant being to empower models and promote designers, contracts have already been sealed for the winners as well as other mouthwatering prizes waiting for the winner”

Registration is ongoing, via the official website of the pageant, www.mostbeautifulmodelimo.com ahead of the audition on February 20, 2016.

The DKC Models boss also stated that with the kind of media partnership they have sealed, the models are assured of publicity not just in Imo State, but nationwide and beyond.

Real Source : www.otowngist.com

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